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Craftsmanship in Ethiopia is a true expression of cultural identity and traditional aesthetic values. Even in today's globalized time where traditional materials are being replaced with cheaper imports, Ethiopians both in rural and urban areas remain attached to traditionally crafted household items.


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Ethiopian Crafts Market is a Portland, Oregon web based market place that specializes in traditional handcrafts that reflect the rich cultural heritage and identity of its diverse population.



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Craftsmanship in Ethiopia

Handcrafted in Ethiopia!                           የኢትዮጵያ የባህልና የእደጥበብ ምርቶች ድህረ ገበያ


Expressions of traditional craftsmanship in Ethiopia include basketry, wood carving, weaving, pottery, jewelry, weaponry, leather work, bead work, jewelry, painting, and many more.

የኢትዮጵያ የባህልና የእደጥበብ ምርቶች ድህረ ገበያ